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Now all everyone is listening for are the mistakes.

15th March, 2009. 2:19 pm. It's been quite a while...but the password is the same...

Hi there.

It's getting warm. I'm older everyday. I'm still alive and growing more alive with each breath. I am still very weird. I am told that probably five times a week. I take it as a compliment. I still don't know how to spell. I am--what they call--single. It's ok with me or at least I say that so that I can sound calm and cool and also they say "it comes when you don't expect it". I like to seem chill when I hear an answer I don't like and even more chill when I hear something I like. I think I have a lot of good things to say but when the moment is "right", I either freeze or say something that feels foreign. Speaking of foreign, I love foreign things. Objects, countries, concepts. I'm old, like I said before, but my mom is about to yell at me for being on the computer too long. She is probably right. I still take her word as gospel. I do not, however, want to be my mom! I have been doing yoga (how typical I know) and I really love it (again typical), makes me smile, calm and inspired (is this just copied and pasted?). I also have been indoor rock climbing a few times and I also realy like that. It makes me anxious but I am safe. This is where I can tell you secrets and vent. Since I'm putting it out there, you can use the information however you please. Maybe nobody is reading it. Maybe you read it and think "hey, this is useful". Maybe you wish you didn't just read it because you could have used that time being productive. I get hungry about every 2 hours. When I am really busy I can go a tiny bit longer. I smell like that gradual, daily, tanning lotion. I also smell fresh. I love showering and smelling fresh. I hope I meet somebody who appreciates such things. I can say a lot of silly phrases in many languages. I feel like I'm trying to let you know "I'm cultured".

That's whats new and the same with me.

Same old G. Same old G.

"A light dinner in the city followed by some dancing and the next day hiking and maybe rollerskaing and you think it's cute when I make an ugly face" you say???

I would be delighted.

Current mood: chipper.

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26th March, 2007. 11:48 pm.

Hello girls and boyz,
Today I'm doing all sorts of crazy internet thangs.

My life is very filled with low paying work and minimal me time. My fault. Yet, I'm not too upset about it. The thrill of the ride, getting on my bike, putting on my helmut, pressing the pedal to the metal and running the stop signs...they just get me going. I dig complaining, so when life is giving me shit salad, I'm not letting go of a single opportunity to discuss my diet.

I am done with my undergraduate career at UML. Have been. Done it.

I am now checking out graduate schools, hong kong english schools and more. Nothing but opportunity and possibility. Find the right star, hang glide across the skyyyy!!!!

Maaaaaaaahn. I'm full of cliche but guess whhat? I miss people. So if I miss you, you should contact me. You'll know it if you feel a tingle in your heart, RIIIIIIIIIGHT...now.

I never lose my funny.

Wow it is almost midnight. I beettta hit the hay so i can be more pleasent.

I'll love you until the day after foreverrrrrrrrr.

Sarah Zuckingdulming

Current mood: anxious.

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2nd November, 2006. 8:42 pm. You’ve got to pretend in order to recover.

I used to wake up at night in a cold sweat worrying if I had enough.
How can I pull this off?
In my arms I held a purse, in that purse there is a wallet with a discover.
Discover all you need to know.
Find it out- understand your pleasures.

I buy it no matter the price, I’ve got credit, I’ve got wealth.
Listen to me, you can take part.
I take a sip and enjoy, forget it-just forget it.
If I like it, who really cares? I can afford it, it is mine.

I’m in the dark as to weather I am smart.
I cannot spell or add, but I can really belt a tune.
Rhyming is not my forte, but those boots at Aldo
Are mad cute.
Sometimes you’ve got to settle.
Be content for just a minute.

Current mood: liquid winez.

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12th August, 2006. 12:04 pm.

sometimes, I've figured out
that we've got to stick with what we know
and sometimes, it's pretty clear
we've got to venture out
and figure out what it's all about

I've been stuck and I still am
it's not that anythings stopping me
but my inhibitions, in all their shapes
hold me back while my insides are attepting suicide

i hate to stick to the cliche
of a new season bringing me hope
but it's in my view and i can smell it's love
and i'm waiting and counting on it's magic

Current mood: misty rainnnnnnn.

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13th April, 2006. 12:41 pm. it's been a long, long time...whatevar

So I'm in the computer lab. This girl just gave me a look cause I know she's yelled at me before about having coffee in the computer lab. She even went as far as to get another guy to speak to me about the coffee. She hasn't said anything to me yet, but to be frank, I don't even want my coffee anymore cause my stomach is mad at me. I need the coffee though...cause I"m going to class at 2 and I'll fall asleep or at least be very quiet and spacy without it. Funny? I guess...

Everybody around me is so studious. me? not so much... I checked livejournal, for the first time in many years.

I have nothing interesting to say but I'm really nervious about the summer and the rest of my life. I want to pitch a tent and live there. Inside the tent, there will be pictures of all those I miss and I will have my cellphone to call people or receive calls. I will also have a blow up matress, for my back cannot stand the bare ground. I wish I were better with nature!

I would love to get drunk and keep my cool and dance and act like a fool, but a respectable fool. you know what...i suck at livejournal.

I hope you liked this.


Current mood: dirty.

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21st June, 2005. 7:16 pm. charges from the suite.

hey this is a message to my dear suitemates (casey, caitlin, jen, julianne, &melissa)

i am not sure if you got charged for the candle wax, but if you did, i'm working on getting rid of that and 2. i'm sorry for the inconvinence anyway because that was my fault and i didn't clean it up. i'm going to call and tell them i'll clean it but don't want to pay any money to have them remove that. that is rediculous. also i realize they will let us leave saying that everything is ok with the room and then go ahead and charge a dirty floor, or spot on a couch. its so rediculous and i really dislike dorms, dorm life residance life and all the likes. they are really stupid. they love to charge money and not supply jobs unless you are already some how involved in some religous ,republican army of uml teaam.. i am not impressed.

so again, i just wantede to appologize for the inconvinence to my friends and definelty get in touch with me if you havev a problem, question, concern, shout out, request, holler, whatever, just talk to me. hopefully they'll remove the charge when i tell them it was my fault.

recap. IF they did charge EACG of us $35 for the candle wax. that is $180! to remove wax! ripoooofff. and if they charged all of us another $35 for "trash" in the bathroom. that comes to $360. greedy stupid house staff whatever the hell cult you are!!! our school is lame and it really is a cult. (the house/job/reasureyyfyf shit)

well yeah longer than it had to be. hope summer is going well so far. i'll talk to you soon?


Current mood: uml rez lyfe, sucks.

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6th June, 2005. 6:27 am. I'm the one who shocked ya. I'm the one who stopped ya.

So. I thought I would pull a last summer and post my weekly scedule.
Accourding to work, it would have started yesterday, however I took it off in order to catch up on reading! Oh and what a lovely day it was ! (huh@!!!/?)

Anyway, I'll start with today, just in case any of ya'll want to pull a last summer and make a date of some sort to do something. I miss the beach, and everything else that we did. I look forward to all of the things we will do.


today (monday)- I work 8:30-2 (need to leave soon!!!!!!!!!), then i have to read, and i have a test at 7.
tuesday- "big move" a la gap. 5:30am-10:30am- then i'm done.
wednesday- 7am-12am, huge break in lowell area, class at 7pm
thursday- 8:30am-5:30pm- then the evos night (whats going on>??)
friday- off!!!! holler.
saturday- 9-3pm, sisters dance recital at 7ish?, bbq afterward

then sunday it starts again.

This class is a lot more than i expected. It's a really neat course, lots of interesting reading, but oh so overwhelming. I guess its ok I only have 25 or so hours this week but I need to figure a way to balence it all. I will, just give me some beach, some sort of vacation to look forward to, some screams, some dancing, some blahehabl. it all! i'm a selfish girl obviously.

oh yeah and while you're at it. GIVE ME SOME ANDREA.

peace. i'm lateeeeeeeeeeeeee. anything for the livejournal.

Current mood: coffee breath. hunny button..

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24th May, 2005. 9:19 am. hey

hey folks,
I do not have Instant Messenger at my house so if anybody wants they can call me on my cell phone
(978)-314-3357, if you know my house number you can definetly try that (or call my cell and i'll give you that too), and another way of getting ahold of me is goign to the Gap at the Phesant Lane Mallll and requesting to see me.

I would really like to bump into a few here and there. please call!!!!!!!!! So far the gap is where i will be most of the time, I'm also taking a class in Lowell Mondays and Wednesdays 7-10pm so if you're around before or after that, lemme know.

Right now i have to go organize, unpack, reorganize, etc.

my life rules.

ok really, say what you want, i'm borirng, buttttttt please give me a ring. or email me at my school email address sarah_zimmermann@student.uml.edu

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16th May, 2005. 11:47 am. I don't know what it's like to be like you. I don't know, so i keep my mouth shut.

I haven't danced on top of a table in a while. I am going to get back to it. I would really like to drink a couple beers. just a couple beers and dance to metric or even reel big fish. If you want, you could join me. Who cares. You cares!

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16th May, 2005. 11:27 am. dings

"its that time of year again"

I have to finish my french cin final and take a weather and climate final. I'm not sure what I'm doing for work this summer, however, i know it includes gap somehow. What are you doing?

Also- I'm looking forward to the new. Something a lil different. I always get antsy when I can predict everything.

yay summa 2005, i do welcome you! you are my higher being! eff religion (for right now)

Current mood: a little bit excited.

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